The Musical Adventures of Freddie the Frog®


Sharon Burch


The Freddie the Frog book series written by Sharon Burch, illustrated by Tiffany Harris
Original compositions by Grant Wood and Jonathan White
Music arrangements/composition by Bryce Inman


This play with music is for a child audience ages 2-9. Each show runs approximately 60-70 minutes and can be used with actors in grade 6 and above. Your purchase of the script gives you the right to perform the show as many times as you would like within a one year period.




70 minutes of theater, music, and fun!


The Freddie the Frog® book series and puppet are known and loved by millions of children through their elementary music teacher. The stories are interactive, engaging children in learning music as they listen and read. The onstage adaptation brings the storybooks to life in a new medium, but continues to engage through interaction and entertaining education. For a full understanding of this unique play with music, experience reading the Freddie the Frog Books with a child at your side while listening to the dramatized CD.